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A.KA Tokyo Co.,Ltd

Company Address

Alliance Bldg. 4F, 5-2-1Minami-Aoyama
Tel:03-5468-3388  fax:03-5468-3389


Scheduled for February 2010


Offer firms, brand names, partners alternative directions and suggestions for new success through nurturing a wide variety of contacts and communications. The vision is not only to target a single direction, but broaden the scope to multi-industries, which are currently hard to penetrate due to many obstacles.
To facilitate business relationships between international fashion brands including life style brands like hotels, wine and beverages and the Japanese market.
By providing constant information updates through the internet we can help maximize brand awareness (also increasing contacts with potential clients) and propose PR strategies by comprehensively using mass media, internet and mobile communication systems.
In addition to the use of the internet, we offer traditional forms of PR: newspapers, magazines and periodicals.

Business Contents

Fashion, Cosmetics, Lifestyle Consultant (Including Franciacorta, Hotel and Tourism)

  • PR
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Event Planning / Production
  • Branding
  • Planning and Production
  • Agency
  • Managing Office Service
  • Coordination service with GARDE U.S.P
  • Others

Clients (Fashion)

Clients (Lifestyle)

  • Negotiation and Planning
  • <Partners>
  • Department stores
    -Iseetan Shinjuku
    -Mitsukoshi Ginza
    -Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi
    -Hankyu Umeda

    -Imperial Hotel
    -Palace Hotel

Experienced Clients


  • Japanese
  • English
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